Our story starts in early 2020, in case you're wondering why it says 2020 on the shirts and not 2021.

The project started as a simple idea in the first Pandemic Lockdown. However, this quickly became a serious passion.
Soul Suffer Season is meant to symbolize the suffering but also the happiness that people are going through in these difficult times. The burning heart shows the new happiness and opportunities that are opening up, the frozen heart shows the emptiness and numbness caused by the pandemic.

In times when many new brands are springing up, we want to make a difference. For us, fashion is not about pure profit, but to create a piece of art, which was produced under the best conditions and the highest quality. Our quantities are not high because the best thing about pieces is to keep them rare.

We hope you like the pieces and we would be happy to see you more often here,

your La Vie en Vogue team.